Forschung India

Research & Development

Research is and will continue to be the main driver for success of Forschung India. Our in-house Research & Development Unit helps us in :
  • Further improve and refine production techniques to satisfy diverse requirements from existing customers as well as from emerging markets sector.
  • Develop more new Pharma products to support customers varying applications.
  • Find more avenues to further lower cost.
  • Promote added values to existing products.

Research ⚫ Innovation ⚫ Care

Apart from providing quality and affordable generic drugs to the global healthcare system, focus on R&D is a key value driver at Forschung. We recognise the importance of developing knowledge-intensive businesses as drivers of future growth. Our R&D unit is equipped with sophisticated analytical and chemical laboratory equipment, supported by a good technical infrastructure for discovering and developing new drugs.

Our scientific personnel comprises of highly skilled individuals of Quality assurance, regulatory affairs specialists who are well versed with policies and procedures. They have an experience in handling quality and regulatory queries from both authorities and customers. We strive to create clinically differentiated drugs and diagnostics to help people live longer and healthier.